Something Different 

Are you feeling bored of staying in traditional hotels? If so, try out these unique and special accommodations in Hong Kong.

JK Club Glamping

JK Club is a private club located in Hong Kong that offers luxury camping experiences, also known as “glamping.” They offer a variety of tents and facilities for guests to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style.


Price Per Night

$250 (HK$2,000)*

WE CAMP Hong Kong

We Camp is located in Yuen Long’s Fung Kat Heung New Village. It’s  a 150,000-square-foot camping site available for public use. The site is committed to providing a high-quality one-stop camping experience.


Price Per Night

$13-125 (HK$100-1,000)*

My Seaside Park 

My Seaside Park is located next to Cheung Sha Beach at the foot of Lantau Island. Just steps away from the campsite, you can experience the 3-kilometer-long sandy beach, known as the Hawaii of Hong Kong. It offers a variety of luxurious camping packages and equipment, so you can enjoy camping without having to bring your own gear.


Price Per Night

$150-200 (HKD 1200-1600)*

* Prices are estimates based on advertised rates as of last update.

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